16 Nov

THE QUESTION Big Ideas Contest

Savanah | November 16th, 2015

Do you have big ideas? Enter THE QUESTION’s big ideas contest!

THE QUESTION http://thequestion.wvu.edu/ invites all WVU students to submit a short essay (300 word maximum) or short video (2 minute maximum) in response to our question. The top student contribution for each question will be published on the website. Submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria: technical quality of writing or video, creativity, interest to a university audience, and the accuracy of ideas presented.

At the end of the academic year, a committee of faculty, students, and staff will choose the best student contribution of the entire year. The overall winner of the contest will win an iPad!

Question #1: How does music release the imagination?

Submission Deadline: 9am on Thursday, November 19th.

Send submissions to Dr. Sharon Ryan, WVU Philosopher and Creator of THE QUESTION at: thequestioncontest@gmail.com

Be sure to include with your submission, your name, academic major, contact information, and your WVU ID#. Please put the title of question in the subject line of your email.

16 Nov

Through THE QUESTION, WVU invites everyone to think deeply and share ideas. This academic year, THE QUESTION is collaborating with Provost Joyce McConnell in celebration of the arts and humanities at WVU. Dr. Sharon Ryan, WVU Philosophy, is creator and moderator of THE QUESTION.

The current issue is focused on the WVU Music Department’s question: How does music release the imagination? To read the responses and leave comments, visit the website: http://thequestion.wvu.edu/.

16 Nov

WVU Global Public Health Brigades Nicaragua Trip

Savanah | November 16th, 2015

The Global Public Health Brigades is an organization which empowers under-resourced communities in the developing world by providing cleaner living areas and educating about sanitary lifestyles.

The WVU chapter of GPHB is organizing a week-long trip this spring break to Nicaragua to aid a community there in this way, with projects such as building watersheds, toilets, showers, ecostoves, and cementing floors. This program is dependent upon volunteers, however, so far there are only three people signed up to go on this trip. The chapter needs your help, as every volunteer makes a difference and saves lives with this project.

If at least twenty people go on this trip, it will receive funding and the cost will be cut from $1,600 to $800. This includes all costs, including air fare, equipment, and food.

This is a life-changing experience and provides volunteer service like no other. Nursing students need 100 hours of community service or volunteer work to graduate, and this is a great opportunity. However, anyone and everyone is welcome on this trip- please spread the news.

For more information please see the attached powerpoint here and contact Morgan Copley at mocopley@mix.wvu.edu

9 Nov

Honors Student Internship Presentations

Savanah | November 9th, 2015

As part of their coursework for HONR 491, three students will be presenting on their various summer internships on Tuesday, November 17th, from 6:30 pm-8:00 pm in the Honors Hall Media Room. More information about each student can be found below.

Justin Schrout completed a summer internship at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountainview, California. During his internship, he was working with NASA and the FAA doing Flight Dynamics, Trajectory, and Controls Research. With a small team of other interns, he helped create a few options for Dynamic Visualization of the air space for future use in on going research. His presentation will be a brief overview of the software packages developed and currently in use.

Sarah Kennedy will give a brief presentation about her summer internship at Monongalia General Hospital. Underclassmen nursing students within the Honors College are especially welcome, to learn about an easy and manageable way to accomplish their Honors College requirements as a Presidential Scholar.

Jordan Riggs, a sophomore History major, will talk about her summer internship with the National Park Service. As an intern at Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park, she had the opportunity to create and lead tours of Civil War battlefields. During her presentation, she will discuss her experience and the skills she has learned from working with the NPS.

9 Nov

Featured Honors Courses

Savanah | November 9th, 2015

There are several Honors courses and add-ons that still have spots left! For those Honors students who may be having trouble finding an Honors course for the spring semester, they are advertised below.

  • HONR 493A: Life Science Literacy
    This course is geared towards Biology and Biochemistry majors. The course aim is to foster an environment in which students can become confident in their abilities to read, interpret, and utilize scientific literature. The goal of the course is to make sure all life science students graduate with a confidence in their scientific literacy skills. In the course, students will read and critique numerous published scientific articles in order to gain hands on experience.
  • PHIL 147: Philosophy and Film
    This course provides an introduction to philosophical questions and problems using the medium of film. Students will be viewing a variety of films over the course of the semester to consider how they frame, develop, and enact philosophical ideas pertaining to the nature of reality and our knowledge of it, the nature of the self and personal identity, the character of contemporary society and technology, and the meaning and value of life. Films include The Matrix, Blade Runner, American Beauty, and Dr. Strangelove. The films viewed will be accompanied by readings by such authors as Nietzsche, Kafka, Freud, Heidegger, and Zizek. The course meets GEC objective 4 or 5.
  • STAT 293A: Data Literacy
    Who has not heard the term “Data Mining” and wondered how that fits into the world? The Department of Statistics has designed an undergraduate course that can help students understand how and why this term is important. This is an introductory course that investigates topics dealing with Data Literacy, Capabilities for Extracting Data and the Social Issues of privacy. No pre-requisites are required, and students do not need to have prior experience in statistics. Dr. Hendrickson is willing to contract the course for Honors students. For more information, view the flyer here.
  • HIST 242: Latin America: Reform and Revolution
    This course is a survey of the history of Latin America from the period of Independence to the present. The national period has been characterized by periods of significant political turmoil as new nations struggled to become modern states. Latin America is composed of multitudes of cultures, ethnic groups, economic classes, and political ideologies, all of which must be considered when thinking about the history of the region as a whole. In this course, the goal is to understand how human communities in Latin America reacted to social and political changes. Why did civil war occur in some places, while powerful dictators maintained in control in others? How did Brazilian and Cuban independence differ so dramatically, and what effects did these trajectories have on 20th century events? How did economic factors impact different classes in Latin America, and how did international trends affect Latin Americans as a whole? Finally, how did war and economic depression contribute to a violent 20th century in many parts of Latin America, while leaving other places relatively unscathed? These are some of the major questions and themes we will examine throughout this semester. Rather than examining Latin America nation by nation, the course will look for similarities and differences in trends over the course of two centuries. The CRN is 18203, section H02. The course meets GEC objectives 4 and 9.
  • Spanish Honors courses
    These advanced-level courses are dedicated to further develop the abilities in Spanish. Strategies will be developed and practiced by reading texts or books, watching videos and movies, and engaging in class discussions and presentations about different Hispanic topics. For more information, contact the instructor, Susana Mazuelas, at smazuela@mix.wvu.edu.
    SPAN 298 and SPAN 298A: Students will take advantage of what they are learning in their regular SPAN 203 or SPAN 204 class and taking this knowledge to a new level through videos and small presentations.
    SPAN 498: This class is aimed to students in any Spanish 300 level class. It is an advanced course very tailored to the students´ necessities and preferences. The instructor can build the course around a book or learn about culture and history through movies and short stories. It’s up to the student!
  • PHIL 310: Philosophy of Science
    This course will examine, and critically evaluate, the attempts that have been made by some influential philosophers of science to understand (a) the processes by which scientific theories are discovered, tested, ratified, modified and abandoned, (b) the products of scientific activity (viz. scientific theories and scientific explanations), and© the legitimate intellectual aims of scientific activity. This course will be of interest to philosophy majors as well as majors in a wide variety of the sciences.
  • JRL 493 SPTP: The Art of Nonfiction Storytelling
    The goal of this course is to examine different types of nonfiction stories and figure out how they work. Students will watch feature films that are “based on true stories,” read nonfiction books and articles, listen to podcasts, experience multimedia journalism and watch documentaries. They will examine how nonfiction storytellers use tools such as dialogue and scenes and, especially, how they structure their narratives. After studying each work, students will “add to” the stories by doing interviews or other journalism-style information gathering. The course will be of interest to any College of Media major, as well as English majors and Communications majors. It meets MW, 3-4:15 pm.
9 Nov

The WVU Food Recovery Network is hosting a week of events beginning on Monday, November 16th, in order to raise awareness for hunger and homelessness in the U.S. A flyer for all of the events can be viewed here.

The schedule of events is as follows:

Monday, November 16th @ 5:30pm in the Blackwater Room: The STEMtist team from Suncrest Middle School will present a project proposal to reduce food waste at their school, including food recovery, composting, and gardening methods. WVU students and faculty are invited to learn more about this project and provide support and feedback to this team of young activists and problem-solvers! View the flyer for this event here.

Tuesday, November 17th @ 7:00pm in the Shenandoah Room: “Hunger: The Cost In Your Community” panel featuring Zac Tardiff of Empty Bowls Mon County, Alison Peck of WVU College of Law, Melissa Hernandez of WVU Food Recovery Network, John Sonneday of the Coordinating Council on Homelessness, and Kandi Shafer of Catholic Charities WV.

Wednesday, November 18th @ 4:45 at the Mon County Health Department: food safety/food recovery class open to the public; $10 for food handler’s card, valid for one year

Thursday, November 19th @ 7:00pm in the Gluck Theater: “Just Eat It! A Food Waste Movie” View the movie poster here.

9 Nov

City as Text: London Summer Study Abroad

Savanah | November 9th, 2015

City As Text™ is a course designed to offer a structured exploration of the environment and ecosystem in the London, England area. City as Text™ is created as an on-going moving laboratory class during which students will investigate the urban landscape, the competing forces of in nature vs technology, government, architecture, culture, history, and all the various components that collide to form a city. This summer, Dr. Hillar Klandorf will be leading a group of students to London and Scotland in summer 2016. The program application is now live at https://studyabroad.wvu.edu/sites/?go=LondonCityasText. For more information, contact Dr. Klandorf at hillar.klandorf@mail.wvu.edu.

9 Nov

WVUp All Night Announcements

Savanah | November 9th, 2015

WVUp All Night Brings A “Blast to the Past Weekend” on November 12-14!

The weekend kicks off with Karaoke in the Mountainlair Side Pocket at 9pm.

Take a spin at the past on the gigantic roller rink that will be set up in the Mountainlair Food Court on Friday from 9pm – 1am. The student organization sponsor for Friday night is the WVU Roller Vixen Club.

Also on Friday, gather your friends and come to the Mountainlair Vandalia Lounge to make your own metal street signs from 9pm – 1am. This will be awesome for your dorm room or apartment.

On Saturday night, please enjoy WVUp All Night after the football game in which a Screamer Slide and Jousting Inflatables will be in the Mountainlair Food Court from 9pm – 1am.

Tutoring will be available Friday and Saturday nights in the Mountainlair Bluestone Room from 6-9:30pm. Get your community service hours with NightServe, departing the Mountainlair Vandalia Lounge Friday at 9pm.

This weekend, the movie Vacation will be showing in the Mountainlair Gluck Theatre, both Thursday and Friday at 7pm and again at 9:30pm.

The FREE Food will be chicken nuggets, fries, popcorn, veggie burgers, a nacho bar, and coke floats!

Join us at WVUp All Night for a blast to the past!

9 Nov

HSA Fundraiser at Qdoba Tomorrow

Savanah | November 9th, 2015

On Tuesday, Nov. 10, Qdoba will be donating 20% of sales to Honors Student Association! Customers can visit any time throughout the day and mention they are with HSA, and 20% of their bill will go towards the organization. All funds will go towards Honors Ball in the spring. You can view the flyer for the event here.

9 Nov

Major/Minor Fair in Honors Hall

Savanah | November 9th, 2015

Are you interested in changing majors or adding a minor? Come to the Major/Minor Fair on Wednesday, November 18! This event will take place from 7:00-8:30 pm in the Honors Hall Media Room. This is an informal event, so you can drop in any time between 7:00 and 8:30! There will be student and faculty representatives from various majors and minors at WVU who can answer any questions you might have. There will be refreshments and drawings for some prizes! If you have any questions, you can email fncrowder@mix.wvu.edu. We hope to see you there!



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